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5 Most Effective Google Money Making Apps

Google Money Making Apps Adsense
Even though there are many money-making platforms, the process of getting it is not as easy as it sounds, there are several processes and tasks that you must complete to get it. 

Interestingly, now shoppingmode Google is also developing its application by offering shoppingmode Google 's dollar-producing application that you can use.

As we know, currently Google has created quite a number of applications to support the various needs of its users.

In fact, most smartphone users certainly use these services, starting from Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, YouTube, Play Store, Google Form, and many more.

These applications are usually used for certain activities, be it work, fun, college, study, and for other needs.

Interestingly, besides being able to use it to help with smartphone usage activities, several Google-owned applications can also generate money, you know, especially dollars.

Earning dollars is no longer taboo anymore, many people have taken advantage of this, one of which is the YouTube application, where users can become creators and create interesting content to get lots of followers and viewers.

If you are interested and curious, here we will review some of Google 's shoppingmode dollar-producing applications that you can use.

List of Google's Money-Generating Applications

1. Google AdMob

Google AdMob is a platform that you can use to generate dollar coffers quickly. This application made specifically for smartphone users offers many programs that you can use to earn money.

The income you can get is through advertisements installed in applications made by those who have registered in this application.

To use this application, you must first register and create an official and active account.

After that, you must provide a place for advertisements in your application and these advertisements will automatically work according to the Google shopping mode settings that have been previously set.

You have the opportunity to earn income from this apk if you comply with the settings made by Google AdMob shoppingmode. 

2. Google Adsense

Next is the Google AdSense application. This application is also claimed to be Google's dollar-producing application, which is very reliable.

Usually Google Adsense is used by YouTubers or bloggers to create interesting content so they can earn income.

If you have a YouTube channel or personal blog, you should try registering with this application so that the activities you do can make money.

How to register for Google adsense shopping mode itself is quite easy, you only need to open this application and register. After that you will be instructed to fill out a form and later it will be processed directly by the application.

If I apply for a Google Adsense shoppingmode account, I want to confirm that the ads will appear on your personal blog or YouTube channel.

Each ad that is installed will be your income every month, to monitor it you can see the graphic features on Google AdSense.

3. YouTube

Maybe you are already familiar with this application, where YouTube is a service that provides video content which is quite popular throughout the world.

This application with a simple interface contains a lot of interesting content that is usually made by creators or YouTubers from various countries. You also have the opportunity to become a YouTuber if you want because there are no special requirements to become a YouTuber.

If you are interested in earning income from this application, you only need to create a YouTube channel first on the YouTube account that you have. After that you can upload various content that you have, as a suggestion you have to be consistent with interesting content in order to get lots of viewers.

To get income from this application you must register your channel with the Google AdSense shoppingmode. 

The payment provided by Google 's shopping mode itself is in the form of dollars, but later you can transfer it to a PayPal account or something similar so that it can be converted into your country currency money.

4. Google Maps

Who would have thought that Google Maps is a dollar-producing application owned by Google that can make money? This is possible for business people. If you have a business and want to increase your income, you can do promotions on Google Maps via Google Street View.

One way is by hiring a professional photographer. According to the official Google Street View website, the photographer will take quality photos to be displayed on Google Maps shopping mode. 

You can hire the services of a photographer near your house. Apart from hiring a photographer, you also have to capture the inside of your business in 360-degree images.

There are various cameras that you can use to get good 360 degree photos, such as INSTA360 PRO2, INSTA360 PRO, RICOH THETA V, and INSTA360 ONE.

After all the methods have been implemented, you can carry out promotions on shoppingmode Google Maps. Wait until someone searches on Google with the keyword 'nearby restaurant' or other nearby places related to your business.

When your place of business is considered attractive, the seeker will come to your place and your income will increase.

5. Blogger

This application is also made by Google 's shoppingmode. Blogger has long been Google's dollar-producing application that accommodates everyone who wants to become a writer. You can also become an article writer on blogger because registration is easy.

First, open the blogger site first and click 'create your blog'. After the blog has been successfully created, you will see a dashboard view which will later contain articles that have been published.

In order to earn money, click on the 'earnings' menu in the menu on the right side of the dashboard. Once clicked, an offer will appear to place ads through the Google Adsense shoppingmode. Just accept the offer and follow the procedures that apply.

Generally, you don't enjoy the income you get from advertising right away. It took a long time to get money, some even up to a year. So, please be patient if you want to get sustenance from advertising on the blog.