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Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in World, India Number One

Universities are higher education institutions that have a very important role for a country to produce quality human resources (HR). According to data from Statista, India ranks first as the country with the most universities in the world, with 4,381 universities in 2020.

The United States (US) ranks second in this list. Uncle Sam's country has a total of 3,254 universities. Indonesia followed in third place. There are 2,694 universities spread throughout the country.

Furthermore, China is ranked fourth with 2,595 universities. Then Brazil is ranked fifth with 1,349 universities.

Mexico and Russia followed in the next position. The two countries are recorded as having 1,253 universities and 1,096 universities respectively.

The following is a list of 10 countries with the most universities in the world:
  1. India: 4,381 Universities
  2. United States: 3,254 Universities
  3. Indonesia: 2,694 Universities
  4. China: 2,595 Universities
  5. Brazil: 1,349 Universities
  6. Mexico: 1,253 Universities
  7. Russia: 1,096 Universities
  8. Japan: 1,014 Universities
  9. Iran: 730 Universities
  10. France: 631 Universities