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The Terrible Scenario If the Earth Suddenly Stopped Rotating

Since we were little, we have known that the Earth rotates. Revolution and rotation. Revolution is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, while rotation is the rotation of the Earth on its axis.

So what would be the impact if the Earth stopped rotating alias rotate? In fact, scientists believe it would be very difficult to stop the Earth's rotation. It could happen if a large celestial body, such as another planet, crashes into Earth. But, most likely the Earth will still rotate or rotate but reverse the direction of rotation.

If we wish that the Earth had stopped rotating, what would have happened would have been dire. Launch Space, Tuesday (24/1/2023), when the Earth stops rotating, we will not suddenly be thrown into outer space. Because, there is gravity that still holds us on the surface of the Earth.

Of course there will be big changes if the Earth stops rotating but is still evolving. In the first place, a day would run for half a year, the same goes for the night. This also affects the Earth's climate.

During the day, the Earth will be noticeably hotter. Meanwhile, at night, the Earth's temperature will drop a few degrees. The different temperatures between day and night will then cause strong winds. Winds will also blow from warm areas around the equator to cold polar regions. On a rotating Earth, this does not happen because the wind is deflected sideways.

Furthermore, the Earth's core is partly liquid iron. This provides Earth with magnetic waves that can protect humans and other creatures from radiation. Well, if the Earth stops rotating, radiation will reach the Earth's surface and harm humans. Birds will also find it difficult to fly because some of them use magnetic waves as directions.

Lastly, if the Earth were not rotating, the night sky would always display the same constellation of stars. That is because we would always be looking at space in the same direction. In contrast to now that allows us to see various constellations that vary throughout the year.