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World War 3 Won't Happen in 2023, It's Just a Recession

Next year 2023 has been very worried by several experts from various fields, both in the economic sector who are worried about a recession, and in the military sector who are worried that World War 3 will occur.

However, we also have to be careful about preparing ourselves if a recession occurs. Because if there is a recession storm it will greatly make the world economy worse.

This recession has even started from 2022, where there was a storm of layoffs at the world's top to local companies that reached thousands of employees.

Even though there is a recession, there are some assumptions that there will be a world war 3 that will occur due to the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

In fact, world war 3 saw 4 main beacons namely the United States, China, Russia and the European Union. Or simplified between NATO and former Warsaw Pact/CIS countries.

Looking at the geopolitics of NATO and Russia-China at the end of 2022, which previously had not improved a bit, they suddenly now have close diplomatic relations.

In fact, it is said that in the near future before 2023, the United States Secretary of State will visit China.

This indicates that US-China relations are improving. Both countries don't want world war 3 to happen. 

Because, if there is world war 3, the United States and China will lose big. Where the food supply will be severely disrupted, industry will decline, even the internet will also experience disruption. Of course these three things are vital in this day and age (food, industry and the internet).

It can be concluded, in 2023 there will only be a recession, and World War 3 will not occur in that year, considering that NATO and Russia-China will definitely rethink this.

World peace is more important than the occurrence of a world war that could destroy everything. Especially food, industry and the internet which are easily disrupted if there is a war.