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Will Morocco Beat Portugal 3-1 Like In 1986? The Lion of Atlas Wins

The 2022 Qatar World Cup top 8 duel between Morocco vs Portugal will be one of the fiercest matches tonight. Like Brazil who lost to Croatia, and the most exciting penalty shoot-out, namely the Netherlands vs Argentina last night, will be an interesting note for this 4 yearly grand event.

Portugal is coveted to enter the final against Argentina, the battle of legends Messi vs Ronaldo, but can the Portugal national team beat the Atlas lions who conquered Spain yesterday? The answer is rather difficult, especially since Portugal is a bit uncoordinated after there was an internal conflict with Ronaldo.

In fact, Ronaldo seems to be sitting on the bench as a reserve player in the first half, usually always appearing until the end. This adds to the record of cracking the cohesiveness of Portugal.

Even though Portugal won a landslide victory over Switzerland yesterday, the match against Morocco was not a joke. As strong as Spain, who are in tiki-taka style, they have to lift their suitcases from Qatar, especially Portugal, which is a bit less compact.

Morocco has never lost in the group phase, they drew with Croatia and yesterday Spain, even though they won on penalties. Morocco has now become the most respected team in the world cup along with their group mates, Croatia.

Croatia followed in Morocco's footsteps, holding Brazil to a draw, going to a penalty shoot-out and Croatia won. Brazil alone, the champion, had to go home from college after losing to Croatia.

Will Portugal be able to win over Morocco? Difficult. In fact, recorded in world history, in 1986 at the world cup, Morocco beat Portugal with a landslide score of 3-1. Will it be repeated? Looks like yes, the 1986 moment will repeat itself.

We'll see tonight's match, history will prove whether Morocco advances to the semi-finals or has to fail. However, the predictions above are only based on existing facts and history.