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Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup? Whether Argentina, Morocco, France or Croatia

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will enter the semifinals, to be precise, it will be held on Wednesday and Thursday 14-15 December 2022. The fierce match in the top 8 round will be remembered as the best in the history of the world cup.

Brazil vs Croatia, Argentina vs Netherlands, Portugal vs Morocco and England vs France. Everything is surprising, makes me excited, dug, dug ser.

The defeats of Brazil, Portugal and England were the most surprising on record. Then, again, the hottest Dutch vs Argentina became new history, where 18 yellow cards were created and 1 red card.

In fact, the most feared countries have turned from France, Brazil, England and Portugal to Morocco and Croatia.

The semifinals are also likely to be very hot, because of the duels between Argentina vs Croatia and France vs Morocco. Most likely to advance to the final is Argentina vs Morocco. 

Meanwhile, for the world cup champion it is likely to be won by Argentina, and Messi will end his football retirement as a world cup champion.

However, Morocco also made history as a team from the African continent who entered the semifinals for the first time, possibly even entering the final and winning 2nd place.

Hopefully Morocco will win the world cup, or 2nd place. I fully support Morocco. I love Morocco.