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Petition to Reply World Cup Final Reached 200 Thousand Signature from France Fans

As many as 200 thousand people have signed a petition to repeat the 2022 World Cup final match between Argentina vs France. The petition was created on the French website MesOpinions because Argentina's first and second goals were against the rules. 

In that match, Argentina managed to come out as champions after defeating France in a shootout on penalties. In normal time and overtime, the final score was 3-3. 

According to the petition, Argentina's first goal from the penalty spot by Lionel Messi would not have happened if referee Szymon Marciniak had been more observant. 

The reason is, Ousmane Dembele's violation of Angel Di Maria should not have resulted in a penalty. Meanwhile, in the second goal by Di Maria, the petition explained that Kylian Mbappe had been fouled first by Cristian Romero. 

Therefore, the referee should have blown the whistle for a violation before the ball entered Hugo Lloris' goal. France in that match had indeed played badly in the first half. Even before halftime, the team nicknamed Les Bleus had to be left behind by Messi and Di Maria's penalty goals. 

But in the second half, France coach Didier Deschamps changed his playing strategy. This then caused Argentina to oversleep so it was difficult to develop the game.

Disaster came in the last 10 minutes before the fight was over. Mbappe's two goals through the spot and a powerful shot at goal against Emiliano Martinez meant that the game had to go to extra time. 

When entering the extra time round, both teams are both playing open. Argentina had excelled through Messi's kick in front of Lloris' goal. Winning 3-2 made La Albiceleste look off guard. 

Mbappe again became France's savior through his goal two minutes before the match ended through the white point. The 3-3 score meant that the closing party for the 2022 World Cup had to go to the penalty shootout.

Argentina finally came out as champions after winning 4-2 on penalties. This victory made Argentina return home the World Cup trophy after last getting it in 1986.