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Netherlands and Argentina Qualify for Quarter-Final FIFA World Cup 2022

Last night's match was very exciting, as well as the opening match for the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 world cup. 

Where, in the opening match brought together the winner of Group A, namely the Netherlands against the runner-up of Group B, namely the United States. The match starts at 18.00 Qatar time or 22.00 WIB Jakarta.

In the early minutes of the match between the Netherlands and the United States were both tied in possession. However, in the 10th minute an attack from the Netherlands was able to penetrate the American goal, a goal from Depay.

One goal for the Netherlands is not enough, for fear of America equalizing. Finally, in the 46th minute, Blind was able to score and the score changed to 2-0 over the Netherlands.

In the second half, the Americans were able to worry the Dutch team, with H. Wright scoring in the 76th minute to make it 2-1. However, finally the Dutch were able to double the lead to 3-1 through a goal from Dumfries in the 81st minute. 

Until the end, the Netherlands remained 3-1 ahead of America, and made the Netherlands advance to the Round of 8 (Quarter-Final). Meanwhile, the United States had to accept and go home with a suitcase after losing to the Netherlands.

Then, it was continued in the second match of the round of 16 last night at 22.00 Qatar time or 02.00 WIB Jakarta, between Argentina vs Australia. This is the most exciting match of the day.

How could it not be, Messi CS had to beat the Australian team in order to advance to the top 8. As a result they were able to escape after bending Australia with a score of 2-1.

Where Argentina's goal scorers were Lionel Messi in the 35th minute and J. Alvarez in the 57th minute. Meanwhile, one goal for Australia was scored by Goodwin in the 77th minute.

The match was so tough, because both teams attacked each other's goal. Moreover, Australia has a running speed above Argentina, and is physically quite strong. This made Argentina somewhat overwhelmed, and Australia almost equalized.

From the results of these two matches, the Netherlands and Argentina progressed to the last 8, where they will meet later to win tickets to the semifinals of the Qatar 2022 world cup.