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Morocco Will Enter to Final and Win or Runner-Up the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

After we saw the matches in the group phase, round of 16 and quarter-finals yesterday, we can predict that it is very likely that the Atlas lion aka Morocco will reach the world cup final.

Moreover, they have high achievements in the 2022 world cup, they were able to conquer Belgium, Canada, Spain to Portugal. 

Later in the semifinals will meet Spain's neighbors, namely France. Most likely will be won by Morocco. Considering that France in the group phase had lost to neighbors Morocco, namely Tunisia with a score of 1-0.

Most likely to compete in the final for 1st place is Argentina vs Morocco.

If Argentina meets Morocco, both are difficult to predict. However, it is certain that both of them will become champions, one being a world cup winner and the second as runner-up.

So far, Morocco is the most successful representative of the African continent, reaching the semifinals and possibly even the final of the world cup, winning 2nd or 1st place.

Morocco is one of the 3 most successful countries that have entered the semifinals outside the EUFA European zone and CONMEBOL South America. The 3 most successful countries are Morocco in 2022, the United States in 1930 and South Korea in 2002.