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Morocco First African Country to World Cup Semifinals, After Defeating Big Team

Morocco has surprised football fans from all over the world. How come? Morocco can beat Portugal with a score of 1-0, in which Portugal is the champion of the world cup.

However, Portugal's dream had to run aground after losing to Morocco in the last 8. Even though the match was dominated by Portugal, namely 71% and Morocco 29%, it was difficult for Portugal to break through the ball against Morocco.

Even though, Morocco lost a bit in the game, but they often attacked and almost scored a lot of goals. Finally, in the 42nd minute, Y. En-Nesyri scored against Portugal.

Morocco's victory made new history, especially for the African continent. Because then, Morocco became the first African country to qualify for the semifinals.

In fact, qualifying was no joke, defeating top teams like Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Canada.

With this victory, Morocco is also among the 3 countries outside UEFA and CONMEBOL that entered the semifinals. The 3 countries, Morocco in 2022 (the first African country), South Korea in 2002 (the first Asian country), and the United States (the first CONCACAF country).

Success for Morocco, hopefully we can enter the 2022 world cup final, so that we can make new history again, or become champions of this Qatar world cup.