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Great! Morocco Defeats Portugal 1-0, First African Country to the Semifinals

The fierce match between Morocco vs Portugal tonight has taken place. It looked like the two teams were equal in possession of the ball.

However, more attacks were created by Morocco from the start of the first half to the end of the second half.

Portugal's weakness was not playing Ronaldo from the first round, so Portugal's game was somewhat more fragile than Morocco.

In fact, Morocco is a strong team, Portugal should really field reliable starting players.

As a result, Morocco was able to win the game 1-0, where a goal was scored by Y. En-Nesyri in the 42' minute.

This goal became the decisive goal of Morocco's victory over Portugal. Finally, for the first time Morocco entered the semifinals (the first African country to qualify).

This is a great thing for Morocco, because they were able to get rid of Spain and Portugal who were predicted to win, but they lost.

Morocco's victory is an additional record, the world's top countries were eliminated from the last 8 such as the Netherlands, Brazil and Portugal.

In the semifinals later, Morocco will meet England or France.