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France's First Mortgage Bicycle for Eco-Friendly Burial

Last fall, Isabelle Plumereau cycled around Paris. But the load of the bicycle is no ordinary thing. Plumereau's bicycle carries the casket. He hopes to bring the trend of organizing this new way of funerals to the French capital. 

Eco-friendly burials aren't a big trend yet, but they are growing. Isabelle Plumereau thinks that carrying the coffin on a specially designed bicycle can be more reassuring for mourners as they make their way to the burial site.

Although hearses already exist in several countries, including Switzerland and Denmark, this is a first in France, says Plumereau, owner of a funeral home business in Paris called "The Sky and the Earth".

The founder of the hearse in France explains, "To me, it makes sense that we combine the bicycle and the hearse, because, when we talk about bicycles in Paris, we are talking about slow mobility. And if there is one day we need that calm , this is the day when we accompany someone we care about to his final resting place.”

He then added, "Everyone is walking at the same speed and we can hear each other, we can hear the sounds of nature all around us, the wind in the trees, the birds. In my opinion, this is the best way to cheer yourself up a bit." , to calm the heart. Walking is also very beneficial and I think it can really provide moments of calm, peace, silence and poetry when we want to say our last goodbyes.”

Plumereau said he had official permission to use the hearse, having modified it to comply with French regulations. He is now just waiting for the green light from the insurance to officially start this business.

Passers-by could see Plumereau's black hearse carrying a light wooden casket. Some of them were curious to find out more, although not all of them were sure they wanted to use it.

Elyes Meziou, 49, also felt this. He said, "It's quite original. I think it's innovative. It's also interesting.” However, he continued, he did not want to use the hearse for his own funeral later.