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FIFA Imposes Disciplinary Sanctions on Argentina Against the Netherlands

FIFA opened a disciplinary case against Argentina over the actions of its players during their World Cup quarter-final match against the Netherlands.

FIFA cited the "order and safety at matches" rule in suing the Argentine football federation.

The Argentinian substitutes and coach came on as the game became confrontational in the dying stages as the Netherlands scored two last-minute goals to require extra time. The battle heated up even more on the pitch after Argentina won on penalties, after the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

The duel between the Tanggo Team and the De Oranje Team took place with high tension so that a rain of yellow cards colored the match. 'La Pulga' alias Lionel Messi was among 17 players or members of the coaching staff to be booked during or after a game, a World Cup record for yellow cards.

FIFA said that sanctions for violations are often applied if a team collects five yellow cards in one game. Argentina and the Netherlands have the potential to face disciplinary cases.

It is likely that the two football federations will face a fine of 15,000 Swiss francs or the equivalent of Rp. 250 million, the same figure handed down by FIFA's disciplinary panel to Saudi Arabia twice at this World Cup for misconduct.