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Exciting Duel England vs France For Semifinal Tickets World Cup 2022

After last night's victory, England and France, representatives from Western Europe, will meet in a hot duel to win tickets to the semifinals of the 2022 world cup.

They will fight fiercely on Sunday, December 11 in Qatar. Chances are, they will field their best squads, because this is one of the hottest duels, among the other round of 8 participants.

It is known, there are 4 countries that have fixed on advancing to the top 8 namely the Netherlands, Argentina, England and France. Meanwhile, the remaining 4 are still being contested by 8 countries such as Japan, Croatia, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Switzerland. The 8 countries haven't played yet, just starting tonight.

Returning to the hot duel in Western Europe, England will host their neighbors in a great way in hopes of a semifinal ticket. This is the most prestigious match compared to the Netherlands vs Argentina duel.

England seems to be fielding the best squad like Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, Rashford and Bukayo Saka. Meanwhile, from the French side, they will field the best players such as Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Ousmane Dembele.

Yes, considering that later it will be the hottest match, it is only fitting that both teams send their best players to the field for semifinal tickets, the 2022 world cup event is the most magnificent in history.

However, in terms of possibility, France will lose the match by a narrow score. Judging from the previous matches, they lost to Tunisia in the final match of Group D. 

Meanwhile, its neighbors, England have never lost in Group B. England have only ever drawn with the United States, the rest was a 6-2 goal celebration against Iran, and a 3-0 goal celebration against Wales.

Even so, it is possible that in the end France will win, even though they have to fight as hard and as hard as possible against England.

All right, instead of guessing a lot, let's see how the match will be on Sunday, December 11 at 22.00 Qatar time or 02.00 WIB.