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Dramatic! Argentina Defeats Netherlands via Penalty Shootout, Team Messi Passes to Semifinals

The Netherlands vs Argentina match this morning was the most exciting match and listened to at the Qatar world cup this time.

How come? Yes, of course it's very exciting. In the first half, Argentina excelled. The game looks mediocre. However, when Argentina increased their lead, the Netherlands stepped up their attacks.

In addition, the Argentine player kicked the ball towards the Dutch player's bench, which made the windmill country players angry and there was a small commotion.

The tension of the match became increasingly heated. It didn't stop there, the Dutch player Weghorst was finally able to score a goal against Argentina in the 83' minute. The score changed to 1-2.

The match was heating up, lots of yellow cards, and small commotion between players. As a result, the offense committed by Argentina was used by the Netherlands to score an equalizer.

A shot was fired, and again Weghorst scored in the 90+11' minute before Pluit ended the second half. Argentina should have won, suddenly a draw.

The atmosphere became very hot at all. The match went into extra time. Until the end of Extra time, the two teams were still the same and getting hotter. 

The hot tension of the Netherlands vs Argentina match was hotter than Croatia vs Brazil.

The match then went to penalties, Van Djik being the first kicker from the Netherlands. The result is no goal. Until finally the drama heated up, where Martinez as the last kicker from Argentina missed the ultimate penalty goal, marking Argentina's victory.

Argentina also qualified for the semifinals, and the Netherlands had to return from Qatar. Very fierce competition.

For information, this is the scorer of the match,
  • The Netherlands was scored by W. Weghorst in 83' and 90+11' minutes
  • Argentina scored by N. Molina 35' and L. Messi 73' through penalties