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Croatia Defeats Brazil on Penalties, All Football Fans Are Sad

The Brazil vs Croatia match is the most interesting starting match in the 2022 world cup Quarter Final. How could I not? The Selecao team had to accept a painful defeat from Croatia, via a penalty shootout. 

Croatia followed in the footsteps of group mate Morocco, winning on penalties after the score was level. 

The Brazilian players were very nervous when they went into the penalty area. How come? The very reliable Croatian goalkeeper was able to block all attacks and fend off balls from Brazil. 

As a result, Brazil had to go home and fall did not advance to the semifinals. This is a bad record and all football fans around the world are sad to see Brazil lose. 

Even though Neymar's record is the same as Pele's, like it or not Brazil must run aground in the last 8 of the world cup.

With the result of this match, Croatia is a scary team along with Morocco. 

Croatia will face Argentina, and it is likely that Argentina will win a landslide victory over Croatia. 

The 2022 world cup final is likely to bring together Argentina vs Morocco. We'll wait, see the results.