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Avenida 9 de Julio, the Widest Street in World at Buenos Aires Argentina

The road is a land transportation infrastructure that is usually used to go somewhere. So it is undeniable that the road is very important and much needed by humans in carrying out their daily activities.

There are many roads in the world. One of them is 9 de julio avenue which is listed as the widest street in the world.

So, for those of you who want to know more about 9 de julio avenue, here are 9 interesting facts about the widest street in the world.

1. This road has been planned since 1888 under the name Ayohuma. However, because there were many obstacles, the construction of this road was finally postponed until 1935

2. Even though it was postponed until 1935, the construction of this road was only inaugurated 2 years later on July 9, 1937 

3. This street is deliberately named 9 julio avenue/avenida because it corresponds to the founding date of Argentina, July 9, 1816

4. Although only 1 km long, 9 Julio Avenue is 110m wide. Because it is so wide, it takes a few minutes to cross this road

5. You need to know that 9 de julio avenue is often praised as the world's great masterpiece because of its width and it takes decades to make it happen 

6. You won't be confused looking for the widest street in the world because it is located in the center of the Argentine capital, namely the city of Buenos Aires

7. There are many important Argentine landmarks located on this street such as the French Embassy for Argentina, the Opera Colon Teatro, and the Statue of Don Quixote

8. Apart from that, 9 de julio avenue also has a median point in the form of shady and shady trees. This tree is used to decorate roads as well as reduce pollution 

9. At night, this street is decorated with the sparkling lights of the city of Buenos Aires. The bustling atmosphere in the middle of the city makes this street attract the hearts of world tourists

Those are nine interesting facts about 9 de julio avenue that you already know. Are you interested in visiting this great world masterpiece?