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Which Country Will Win the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup?

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will be one of the matches that is quite surprising. Because Argentina just lost to Saudi Arabia in the first match of Group C. 

In addition, Ecuador defeated the host Qatar, which was the first time in history that the hosts of the World Cup lost for 92 years. 

Not to mention, Iran's defeat which was quite crushing namely 6-2 to England became a new record in this world cup. 

It's hard to predict who will win. However, judging from the matches in this opening match, there are several possibilities for the national team to advance to the finals and semifinals. 

It looks like Argentina, Ecuador, England and Brazil have the chance to win the Qatar 2022 world cup. 

Even though Argentina lost their first match in Group C against Saudi Arabia, this was an evaluation and also an adaptation result that could be improved to win later against Mexico and Poland. 

Saudi Arabia is used to geographical conditions, because yes, they are hosts in the same region, the Arabian Peninsula. Meanwhile, Argentina is mostly used to playing in colder places than Qatar, so they look tired. The result of the defeat earlier made Argentina have adapted to the maximum which can be used as a benchmark for the next matches against Mexico, Poland and until the semifinals later. 

Meanwhile, Ecuador, the participant who shocked the world, how could they not qualify for the South American zone, they were able to hold Brazil and Argentina to a draw. Plus group A is easier for Ecuador to advance to the last 16. 

Then, for England group B became easier. Because they have defeated Itan, the United States is not a strong opponent, plus they already know how to play Wales. So, England is safe in group B. 

Specifically for Brazil, the toughest opponent in Group G is Cameroon. It is likely that Brazil will qualify smoothly for the next phase. 

So, out of the 32 participating countries in the 2022 world cup, the ones that have the chance to win are Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil or England. We'll see who will be the real winner, on December 18 in the world cup final.