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Turning Around Score 1-2 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, Very Shocking

The match between Argentina vs Saudi Arabia in the 2nd round gave a surprise, where Saudi Arabia was able to turn things around, which had been behind 1-0, now they are winning 1-2. 

Argentina looked troubled at the start of this second half, suddenly Saudi Arabia gave a surprise attack and scored a goal against the Argentine national team. 

This unreliable team can surprise the Tango team which contains star players like Lionel Messi. Initially the first half, Argentina played aggressively, but suddenly in the second half they relaxed and continued to be attacked by the opposing team. 

Whether it's because they are tired of the hot geographical conditions in the desert or are they really traumatized because 2 goals were disallowed and always offside in the first half. 

Even so, the ball is still a ball, round in shape. Argentina could have turned things back to 2-2 or 2-3. We'll just watch the match return to the screen, we'll see how the final score is produced.