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Spain Conquered Costa Rica, Unlike Germany and Argentina which Lost

Yesterday's and today's exciting matches left stories in our minds, about the history of world football at the FIFA World Cup 2022. How could it not be, the 2 big teams of Germany and Argentina had to be defeated and recognize the greatness of the teams of Saudi Arabia and Japan with the same score 2-1.

At first it was also thought that Spain would follow in their footsteps, losing to Costa Rica. However, it turns out that Spain was able to prove that they are a big team that can beat Costa Rica. It can be seen that in the first round, Costa Rica was beaten 3-0 by Spain.

The fear fever of European teams about mediocre teams finally fell, after Spain, England and France were able to win in a landslide with a big score. This will pave the way for big teams to fight for a ticket to the Round of 16.

However, this was different from Germany, which was very hard hit and even mentally hit. Because, they have lost 2 times to Asian teams, in 2018 they lost to South Korea, and now they also lost to Japan. It looks like this will be a tough day for Germany to be able to master and convince themselves to advance to the next phase.

Even though Argentina lost as much as Germany, Argentina still seemed to have high spirits to advance to the round of 16, moreover they wanted to win the world cup this year, according to Messi's dream before hanging up his boots, Argentina must win first.

From this, it can be seen that there is a big possibility that they will become world champions, including: France, Spain, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, England, Brazil or Argentina who have risen.

However, we can only see the final result when the world cup final will be held on December 18. The world cup now doesn't see who wins, but sees who passes the round of 16, whether mostly new teams, or regular big teams. We'll see.