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Shocking Saudi Arabia Beat Argentina 2-1, Tense Second Half

Wow, today's match was very surprising, more surprising than England vs Iran, Qatar vs Ecuador and the United States vs Wales. 

How come? Argentina, which is predicted to be the big team that will advance to the next round, must accept defeat in the first match against Saudi Arabia. 

Many people were really surprised, how could Argentina lose, moreover they had scored 3 goals but 2 of them were annulled by the referee for offside. Argentina caught a lot of offside, too hasty in the first half. 

So, they were tired and weak in the second half. This was used by Saudi Arabia to reciprocate the situation so that the score would be a draw or win. As is known, Argentina's goal was scored by Lionel Messi in the 10th minute through a penalty kick. 

Meanwhile, 2 goals for Saudi Arabia were scored surprisingly by Saleh Al-Shehri in the 48th minute and Salem Al Dawsari in the 53rd minute. Judging from the game, it looks like Argentina is adapting to the hot Arab desert atmosphere. 

You can see, they moved too quickly in the first half, so in the second half they were extremely tired, even to run they were driven away by Saudi Arabia. 

This is a lesson for Argentina, and it is possible that Argentina will surprise them in the second match against Poland and against Mexico because they have adapted. 

Indeed, yes, the ball is round, sometimes it is difficult to predict who will win or who will lose. Hopefully, Argentina can qualify for the top 16 phase, and even win.