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Qatar 2022 World Cup Top 16 Round Will Many Newcomer Countries Qualify

From the start of the opening of the Qatar 2022 world cup, until today after seeing the heartbreaking defeats of the hosts, Argentina and Germany, and seeing Spain, England and France feast on goals, we can predict who will likely qualify for the Round of 16 later.

From Qatar's previous world cup matches, it looks like the Round of 16 will be filled by teams from newcomer countries (or those who are not regular members of the Top 16).

Most likely the newcomer teams are Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon and South Korea.

The most likely are Saudi Arabia and Japan, they could even enter the top 8 of this year's world cup. Their style of playing against Germany and Argentina was very good, plus they had a precise strategy for counterattacks and the offside trap that killed the opponent's goal, so it was easy to disallow it.

Regardless, Argentina and Germany are likely to rise and be able to qualify for the last 16. But the one most likely to qualify is Argentina, even a big chance of winning. As for Germany, they are currently experiencing severe mental trauma after losing to Japan.

Moreover, Germany's next opponent is Spain, El Matador, which is also difficult to beat, adding to the anxiety of the players whether they will win, draw or lose, just like with Japan. If they lose, it is certain that Germany will not qualify.

Meanwhile, for Argentina, the next opponents are Poland and Mexico which they are likely to be able to overcome. Moreover, they already know Mexico because they often meet in the Copa America.

But even so, the ball game is still a ball game, round and round, as difficult to predict as destiny mate. Sometimes choosing person A, who becomes a mate with person B, sometimes vice versa. Even so, everything has its characteristics and signs, not blurry or not blurred from the start, there must be a sign.

Including this year's world cup, countries that are likely to win are France, England, Argentina or Saudi Arabia. The most likely is Argentina, seen from the game against Saudi Arabia even though they lost, but actually they scored 3 goals and attacked the most, only it was disallowed for offside.

From there Argentina will learn, move relaxed in the first half, condition and adapt to the hot weather in Qatar, practice making offside traps and of course bend opponents with deadly counterattacks and fruitful goals.