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Japan Defeats Germany 2-1 Unexpectedly as Well Saudi Arabias Defeats Argentina

The first match in Group E of the Qatar World Cup, Germany vs Japan, was considered mediocre, because it was considered not comparable. However, the fact that after starting, Japan was able to balance the game.

At the beginning Germany controlled the game, even scored a goal but the referee disallowed it. Then, the opportunity arose and finally they got a penalty in 33′ and was executed by İlkay Gündoğan. Germany also led the situation with a score of 1-0.

Until the end of the first half Germany was still leading 1-0. Even when Germany entered the second half, they still controlled the game and it looked as if Germany would win this match. However, with a round ball, it turned out that Japan was able to counterattack and scored a goal in the 75′ minute by R. Doan.

The score was tied at 1-1, the German team was immediately surprised by the counter-attack that reciprocated the goal. Germany still controlled the game, but Japan was good at taking advantage of even a few counterattack opportunities.

Finally, in the 83′ minute T. Asano scored against Germany, making the score turn around for Japan to win 2-1 over Germany. This is a German concern about Asian teams that has come true. Germany must accept the bitter taste of losing to Japan and are at the bottom of Group E.

Germany's defeat was the same as Argentina's defeat by the same score and was beaten by an Asian team as well. Now the Asian continental team has transformed into a European and South American shock team at the Qatar 2022 world cup. It has even become the most feared team, surpassing the domination of Europe and Latin America.