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Germany Same fate Argentina lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia and Japan

The match between Germany and Japan was very exciting and surprising, just like when Argentina vs Saudi Arabia. How come? because both of them lost 2-1 to Asian teams, namely Japan and Saudi Arabia.

People all over the world were shocked to see this match, from the start Germany and Argentina looked like they would be the winners, even into the second half. However, unexpectedly in the second round which was almost the end of the game, the Japanese and Arabs were able to turn things around which shocked everyone.

How can a big team lose to a mediocre team. It was very surprising, especially since Germany and Japan had the same fate, they scored a goal in the first half, as the only goal, and even then through a penalty kick.

Then, several of his goals were both annulled by the referee, due to offside. Not to mention Saudi Arabia and Japan both turned things around in the second half which was surprising and seemed impossible for them to do, but they turned out to be absolutely outstanding.

Arabs at the start of the second half, Japan at the end of the second half in turning things around. Argentina scored a penalty at the start of the first half (10th minute) while Germany at the end of the first half (33rd minute). It's like a well-matched pair, playing a duet with each other, linking the first half – the second half, the first – the last minutes, and the score is the same 2-1.

Such a hard thing to understand. But after all, the ball was round, like a wheel, spinning, so it was hard to tell. Sometimes what is considered superior can actually lose, sometimes what is considered normal can win, it's the same with life.

Even so, Argentina and Germany could turn things around by winning two more matches in group C and group E. It could be that those who enter the final will fight for 1st place, similar to Spain in 2010 who lost early in the match to Switzerland, but Finally won the 2010 South African World Cup.

That's life, don't guess too much, don't get too down, don't be too sad, get up and let it flow according to the plot after we try our best, who knows fate will be on our side in the future, just like Spain who lost at the beginning, but became the champion at the end.