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England Vs Iran, The Three Lions Squad Can Win

The 2nd match of the world cup match tonight is England vs Iran from group B. Group B itself consists of the British duo (England, Wales) then Iran and the United States.

This match will be very exciting, because it will be the European team's first debut in the Qatar 2022 world cup. From various speculations, it is likely that England will win a landslide victory over Iran.

In fact, England is very experienced, moreover they are trained by the existence of the English Premier League which is very famous and prestigious in the world which of course contains great teams and classy players.

Apart from that, England has also regularly qualified for the world cup rounds, and even won 1st place in 1966. The experience was quite horrific for the mentality of the opposing team, namely Iran.

The Three Lions retainer is no joke now, there are top players like Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling.

Let's wait for the results tonight at 20.00 kick off the match. Who will prove victorious? Iran or England.

Group B is the most unique group. Later there will be a British derby between England vs. Wales, and there will also be a hot derby between the United States and Iran entitled "The Mother of All Games".