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Argentina Wins 2-0 over Mexico, Messi and Fernandez Kick Goals

The star-studded match between Argentina vs Mexico at the Lusail stadium, Qatar this morning was a match that was quite heartbreaking, especially for Argentina fans. How come? This is the game that determines whether Argentina will qualify or not.

However, that excitement turned into joy, when the legendary player scored a goal in the 64th minute against Mexico. The games of the two teams became even more fluid, than before which were more rigid, closed and that's it.

This is Messi's second goal on the stage of the most prestigious cup title in the world this year. Argentina has the opportunity to qualify with Saudi Arabia, Poland or Mexico to the last 16.

This victory will lead the Tango team to the next event, to fight for the top 8 seats in the world. It remains only to see who will accompany Argentina from Group C which will advance to the round of 16, will it be Saudi Arabia, Poland or Mexico? Let's wait and see.

Meanwhile, the game was still running in 85' minutes, but the game was controlled by Argentina and Mexico a bit less aggressive.

Group C is one of the most exciting groups in the world cup event this time, how could it not be, even from the penalty game on the Google page, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland occupy the top positions compared to other countries. This shows the trend of group C as the hottest and most tense group.

Everything in group C is even, it's hard to guess. Hopefully Argentina will qualify for the next title in the round of 16 soon.

And finally the goal came back in the 87th minute through a kick from Enzo Fernandez, cool Argentina, the score changed until the match was over, which was 2-0.