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Argentina vs Mexico, Lionel Messi Backup, Julian Alvarez Starter?

Interesting news coming ahead of the Argentina vs Mexico match . Lionel Messi will reportedly be backed up in this fight.

Early in the morning there will be an exciting match at the 2022 World Cup. The Argentina national team will face Mexico in the second match of group C for the 2022 World Cup.

This match can be said to be a match of life and death for Argentina. They lost against Saudi Arabia, and if they lose this match then Argentina will definitely fail to qualify for the knockout phase.

That is why it is reported that Lionel Scaloni will field his best squad in this match. But reports The Mirror, Lionel Messi is likely to be backed up in this match.

Less Fit Conditions

According to the report, Messi will be benched by Scaloni due to his unfit condition.

Messi did suffer a minor injury before the match against Saudi Arabia. But Scaloni in his press conference recently confirmed that Messi is fine.

However, according to information from The Mirror, Messi's condition was not fit to play from the start of the match. So to maximize the striker's impact, Scaloni plans to bring him on in the second half.

Install Young Striker

According to the report, Scaloni has prepared a replacement for Messi as a starter in this match.

Scaloni will install Julian Alvarez as a starter. He will partner Lautaro Martinez in this match.

Alvarez is considered ready to start in this match because his performance is quite impressive both at the club level and at the national team level.

Change Defense Line Composition

The report also claims that Scaloni also has the potential to make changes in their defense.

Lisandro Martinez will reportedly play from the start of the match in the La Albiceleste defense.