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Argentina Many Offside 2 Goals Disallowed, Score Still 1-0 Saudi Arabia

The opening match of Group C between the famous team Argentina against Saudi Arabia was held this afternoon. From the start of the game, Argentina was more aggressive in attacking Saudi Arabia. 

In fact, the goal created by Messi in the 10th minute the score changed to 1-0 Argentina was superior to Saudi Arabia. However, it's a shame that Tango Argentina did a lot of offsides. A total of 2 goals were disallowed by the referee, which should have been 3-0 but still 1-0. 

The game is still going on, not even halftime. It looks like Argentina will continue to score goals against Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia is classified as a national team that is able to hold a draw in possession. 

Several times they endangered the goal of the Argentine national team. Indeed, from quality alone, Argentina excels, because it has the world's best players Lionel Messi and also Martinez. Let's look back at the match screen, to see who won the final results of the first and second rounds.